Made by Humans. For Humans. 

Kuriosis all started with a beautiful jellyfish illustration our founder Maryna found in an old encyclopedia. Not long after, here we are: thousands of happy customers later and shipping worldwide! In addition, we have a showroom in Berlin and are actively selling
our work at art markets on the weekends.

Kuriosis Prints & Posters — Made by Humans. For Humans

Through many years of treasure hunting, we have carefully curated a collection of over 6000 motifs in more than 100 collections. Our mission is to make art affordable & accessible for everyone. We believe that by shining a new light on the past, we can show you these historical masterpieces and iconic artworks in a new way.

We produce each print here at our atelier in Berlin with expert attention to detail and an added personal touch unrivalled by our competitors.

Kuriosis Prints and Posters—Made by Humans. For Humans.

When we first started this business, printing in our spare room at our house and selling at the markets, we had the same determination and motivation we have today.

We were prepared to take risks and tackle the hardships along the way, even during a global pandemic. Still, it didn’t mean we were going to give up easily. We shifted our focus to online platforms, which enabled us to become an international business and compete with much more prominent and established companies.

Kuriosis Prints and Posters—Made by Humans. For Humans.

The ethos of Kuriosis is rooted in a passion for the historical impact of the art we are curating and a commitment to only using the highest quality materials.

We print using the latest chromolithography technology on museum quality Fine Art paper and cotton canvas. The high quality Japanese archival pigment inks allow us to guarantee the quality of every print that leaves our atelier; printed, cut, wrapped and carefully packed with love.

Kuriosis Prints and Posters—Made by Humans. For Humans.

Each day is an opportunity to learn and discover new things. We are continually fascinated by the artists we immerse ourselves and our company in.

Behind every book page, millions of concepts, discoveries, and lives have come and gone to tell us and teach us about the beauty of our world.

With love,