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Japanese Man with Tattoo by Kimbei

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Japanese Man with Tattoo by Kimbei Vintage Photography

Kusakabe Kimbei was a Japanese photographer. He usually went by his given name, Kimbei, because his clientele, mostly non-Japanese-speaking foreign residents and visitors, found it easier to pronounce than his family name.

In 1893, his was one of the leading Japanese studios supplying art to Western customers. Many of the photographs in the studio's catalogue featured depictions of Japanese women, which were popular with tourists of the time.

Kimbei preferred to portray female subjects in a traditional bijinga style, and hired geisha to pose for the photographs.

 ✓ Fine Art Photo Reproduction on matt museum-quality paper.

✓ Printed in Berlin at our Atelier.

✓ Made in Germany to Order.

✓ UV-resistant Japanese archival inks, fine art paper, and 100% cotton canvas.

✓ Fast Shipping Worldwide in a protective cardboard tube.

No Frame or Hanging System included.