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Antique Giraffe Canvas Vintage Wood Frame

€150,00 EUR

Antique Giraffe Canvas Vintage Wood Frame perfect for your home decor.

Do you love vintage frames that value art?

Our new collection of prints on canvas has arrived to make the walls of your home even more beautiful.

√ Printed on laminated and framed canvas.

√ 400g waterproof cotton canvas, fine art print with the giclee method

√ Vintage frame without glass

√ Canvas attached to a wooden backing, this is clipped to the frame

Print size: 30 x 42 cm

Frame size: 37 x 49 cm 

Each frame is unique. Due to its age, there are some superficial scratches and marks which you can notice. These bring a vintage charm to each piece.

The true colour may vary slightly depending on the screens.

Produced by us at our atelier in Berlin.
Frames built by Thomas Eder Rahmenwerkstatt in Vienna, Austria.