Kuriosis Prints & Posters, Sonnenalee 90, 12045

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Did you know you can visit us at our showroom in Berlin. We are located at Sonnenallee 90 in Neukölln

At our showroom you can drop by and browse our collection of ready made prints & posters, view the collection online and even get a poster of your choice printed in less than 30 minutes!

We'll even make you a coffee while you wait! 

Visit Us at Kuriosis Prints & Posters Berlin

We have frames and poster hangers available for purchase in store, so your new print will be ready to go on the wall as soon as you get home. 

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and have exclusive discounts and deals only at the Showroom.

Kuriosis Prints & Posters, Sonnenallee 90, 12045 Berlin

We also offer unique services such as custom sizes, Gallery Wall curation and consultations with our designer.

We also have discounted returned posters with up to 70% off in some cases!

What are you waiting for! 

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