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Vintage School Charts from Jung-Koch-Quentell now available from us

Posted on August 24 2020

Vintage School Charts from Jung-Koch-Quentell now available from us

Antique pieces are great for home decor as they incorporate a perfect vintage look for your abode. So, if you are thinking of bringing that vintage look to your home, then you need to have some classic antique pieces.

One of our favourite solutions is hanging vintage school charts on the wall. A long time ago, before computers, screens and projectors, they were truly essential in a classroom. With botanical and astronomical diagrams, for example, teachers could explain what are the most common plants in each biome or how the solar system is organized.

Nowadays, since we have a lot of technology paraphernalia at schools, they are not so essential anymore but gained a new function: home decor. If you like the vintage style, you could look for prints or original ones. The originals are rarer and more expensive, but they make a real statement in your living room.

Can you imagine this one in your home decor?

Antique School Chart "Schlüsselblume" from Jung-Koch-Quentell from the 1960s

Antique School Chart "Schlüsselblume" from Jung-Koch-Quentell from the 1960s

The good news is that it can be yours. Here at Kuriosis, we have just acquired a collection of vintage school charts made by Jung-Koch-Quentell, a classic in the German schools during the last century.

The poster illustrations were designed at the beginning of the 20th century by the biology professor Gottlieb von Koch. Together with the school director Dr. Friedrich Quentell and the teacher Heinrich Jung, a series of school cards was developed, which are unique due to their refinement and attention to detail.

Until 1930 the maps were published by Fromann & Morian, a publishing house in Darmstadt, which existed from 1850-1930. After the war, the educational material manufacturer Hagemann bought the rights to JKQ maps and started to reform and publish them partially.

Antique School Chart "Haselstrauch" from Jung-Koch-Quentell from the 1960s

Science-themed, our collection is from the 1960s. The quality of the printing is really impressive - despite being about 50 years old, they are very well maintained. Some have some signs of wear, which in our opinion only adds more charm to them. The map is printed on paper, linen-covered with wooden rods. 

We are avid researchers and are always looking for new antique posters to expand our collection of curiosities. If you appreciate our effort and want a real antique piece in your home decor, take a look at this collection we've just acquired. They are all part of our Vintage School Charts collection with sensible prices because we love the idea of decorating our homes without spending too much money. 


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