Top 10 Kuriosis Blog Posts of 2020

Top 10 Kuriosis Blog Posts of 2020


We have chosen a selection of 10 blogs that you will find in our website to inspire yourself with new motifs, but also to know more about the artists who also inspired us. 

In this post, we offer you a short description of each of them and the direct link so you can check them out and inspire yourself when buying a print from us.


John James Audubon and The Birds of America 


We begin this collection of blogs with one of the most interesting ones. The story of John James Audubon is one of a kind and truly inspiring.

He is the author of the book “Birds of America”, which is considered the most expensive printed book in the world.

In this book, Audubon did bird sight-seeing with different species. He preferred it in this way rather than using taxidermied birds, to observe birds in their natural habitat. This method is the most common way of doing bird sight-seeing now, and it has become a new technique of scientific observation.

If you want to know more about Audubon and his work, click here to read his full blog and his most inspiring designs.


Blog: The Story of John James Audubon



Blue Jay from Birds of America Poster


✰✰✰✰✰ 5 Star Reviews


We don’t want to do this to brag, but only to give you an idea of what our customers say. We know how difficult it is to buy online. We don’t talk about the process of actually buying but what it means to buy something online and not knowing what you will receive.

Here you have some comments from our customers so that you can check them out. There are comments related to customer service, quality of our prints, fast shipping, and more.

We do this because we want to assure that when you buy a print from us, you are not only purchasing a poster, but a complete experience since our primary focus is always on you, our customers.


Blog: Five Stars Reviews.


Avi is one of our customers and he wanted to surprise Archna, his sister in law, who is an avid bird-watcher. Here you can see her receiving this A1 Cotton Canvas Bird Collection Poster Oiseaux.



Discover the Enchanting World of Microbes in 19th Century Lithographs 

Ernst Haeckel has given us a couple of great designs. He presents a subtle and exquisite mix of nature and art. Haeckel convinced himself that science and art went hand by hand. This discussion between the two of them was not as big as today’s times, but both of them could live easily without disapproving each other.

This Mushroom Forest is the representation of it, and this design shows the botanical world at its fullest. Even though most of Haeckel’s ideas nowadays are not legitimate these days, he is still one of the first people to dig deeper into the botanical area.


Blog: Discover the Enchanting World of Microbes in 19th Century Lithographs



Anemones by Ernst Haeckel


Exploring the Floating World of 18th Century Japan


During the Edo Period in Japan, the land of the rising sun decided to ban Christianism. Ieyasu Tokugawa, chief commander of the Japanese army, was against all western beliefs, especially in terms of tradition based on what they represented.

Given this, he banned religion, its practice, and even executed missionaries. During part of this isolation from western civilisation, Japan explored and instructed its culture in schools. Buddhism became the official religion, and it started to grow until make Japan what it is now.

Since people were not able to do anything western-related, they were indirectly forced to find a new way of entertainment. During this period, the Kabuki Theatre and Geishas appeared in Japanese culture, and several myths and legends about Japanese culture became more known by the population. Furthermore, we started to see the first three-panel works sing woodblock printing.

This is by far one of the most exciting periods for Japanese Art and we are looking forward to you to see it.


Blog: Exploring the Floating World of 18th Century Japan


Geisha in the snow storm


Karl von Martius German botanist and explorer

In 1817, Karl von Martius went to explore the flora of Brazil by I Joseph, king of Bavaria. During four years he travelled more than 10.000 kilometres in search of seed, specimens and mostly botanical hints to analyse back in Munich.

Von Martius was in charge of the botany division of the university, and he started his trail from southern Brazil, specifically Rio de Janeiro up to the Amazonas.

When he was in Munich, he introduced the committee part of his work which included more than 6500 plant species brought from Brazil. This discovery was a massive one at the time, and he endowed and upgraded the existing flora in Germany.


Blog: Karl Von Martius German Botanist and Explorer


Jungle Scene Vintage Poster


Adolphe Millot, from the encyclopedias to your wall

Adolphe Philippe Millot was a lithograph, painter and entomologist who made different illustrations for the French dictionary and that you can also check in our botanical collection.

Maybe his name does not ring a bell for you, especially if you are not that old; for some others, his designs were part of our childhoods and teenage years. He was responsible for making the different types of Legumes, vegetable, fruit and other layouts that you can see in Le Petit Larousse.

Millot is not like any other artist, his work inspired many people in a generation, and most of us grew up learning about botany thanks to his charts. Here you can continue reading and seeing more from his work.

Millot’s work was so exceptional that he became a senior illustrator of the, established in 1635 by King Louis XIII as the royal garden of medicinal plants, and nowadays one of the most critical institutions in the world dedicated to natural history.


Blog: Adolphe Millot, from the encyclopedias to your wall


Fruits and Legumes by Adolphe Millot



14 ideas to decorate your kid’s room with vintage posters

Are you looking for inspiration for your kid’s room? This blog post offers you 14 different ideas for your kid’s room decor. Each of the prints that you will see in this post is related to inspire a generation and help them understand a bit of our enormous world.

There are a couple of ideas based on your kid’s personality and the touch of art that you would like them to see from animals, birds, objects, to inspiring messages. We genuinely recommend you to go through these ideas, and we invite you also to combine them by creating your own set of prints.


 Blog: 14 Ideas to decorate you Kid's room with vintage posters


Animal Kingdom Set of 5 Prints


7 ideas to add Bauhaus posters to your walls


Bauhaus is a seal of quality and creativity. All the designs and the philosophy behind have this idea of simplicity. Walter Gropius was the creator and the person in charge of grounding the foundations of this movement in design.

He prosecuted by nazi given these jew-socialist ideals which end up just spreading the Bauhaus philosophy all across the globe. One of the Gropius’ dreams, and perhaps the most important one, was to bring all the arts in one and make it one of the most influential currents in modern times. 

The Bauhaus movement is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most admired ones by designers, architects, and people who have a deep appreciation for arts. In this blog post, we give you seven ideas of Bauhaus for your home decor.


Blog: 7 Ideas to add bauhaus posters to your walls 


Bauhaus Weimar Exhibition 1923


Our selection of sea life posters for your wall decor

Sealife is one of the most inspiring topics, and many of our prints are the favourites of our customers. In this post, you can see different ideas for your wall decor.

Here you will find a bit of everything related to sea life and some of our best sellers, especially one of our favourite ones: Le Poulpe Colossal. A description of the terror that French sailors experienced on the coast of Angola when they arrived at the beginning of the XIX century. 

In this section you can find Jellyfish, octopuses, the Moby Dick Voyage Fantasy poster, lobsters and more we offer you the most inspiring sea life designs that would be a perfect addition to your home decor.


Blog: Our selection of sea life poster for your home decor 


Le Poulpe Colossal


Which is for you: Cotton Canvas or Fine Art Paper?

The last blog, but we still think it is one of the most important ones and a guide for our customers when buying a poster. 


In this post, you will know the difference between the two different materials, and decide which one is more suitable for your home decor. Apart from this, we detail how the process of printing works and the quality of our prints. 


Last but not least, we talk about the different sizes of the prints, and you will see pictures comparing and contrasting both materials so you can make the best choice when you buy one of our products and the security they offer.

Blog: Which is for you: Cotton Canvas or Fine Art Paper?


Zoologischer Garten Panther





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