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New Prints on the Block

Posted on February 17 2021

New Prints on the Block


We know choosing the most suitable print can be complicated. And for some people, when they have more options, it is even more challenging to choose one, especially from our catalogue with more than 1500 motifs for you to see. That is why, in our constant quest for showing you what is trendy, and what can look astonishing in your house, we have selected ten motifs from our latest collections that we are sure that you will love. 


1. The Woman with a Visitor by Kitagawa, Set of 3 Prints


We warned you; we were going to start big. And this set is one of the most beautiful sets you can find in our catalogue.


Utamara Kitagawa is one of the most important exponents of the Ukiyo-e style in Japan. He worked with book illustrations, but then he became widely known in Japan, and later in Europe for his bijinga style, where he portrayed the beauty of women during the 18th century. If you want to see more from him, you can check his collection here.


The Woman with a Visitor Set


2. Music Art Poster Vogue by Madonna


Vogue or voguing is the style of dance or considered by many cultures in segregated people, primarily by their sexual preference and way of seeing life. The beginning of this movement started between the '60s and '80s in the Latin and black drag scene of New York. It was mostly a response to the elites who appear on Vogue Magazine's cover by exaggerating their moves along the catwalk.


When Madonna found out about this movement, she could not resist knowing what voguing was. Eventually, she learned it by herself and being instructed by José Gutiérrez, one of the Vogue culture's iconic dancers. Then, José joined Madonna in her Blond Ambition Tour. 


Music Art Poster Vogue by Madonna


3. Music Art Poster Dreams by Fleetwood Max


Dreams is a song by the British rock band, Fleetwood Max. This song was written by the band's vocalist, Stevie Nicks, and it was the first and only song that made it to the first position of Billboard Hot 100.


One of the most interesting facts about the song is that it was written in only ten minutes and immediately recorded the next day. Some other bands have made covers of this song, but last year it emerged again when Nathan Apodanca, a Tik Tok star now made a video of him drinking cranberry juice while riding his longboard to work and singing this song.


Music Art Poster Dreams by Fleetwood Max.


These two Music Art Posters are not the only ones we have for you, and if you want to check more of them, do not hesitate to click here.


4. Sea Urchin


Sea Urchins play a significant role in our ecosystem. They are moderators since they help control the seaweed population. Still, when there are too many of them, they can also negatively impact the bottom of the sea by leaving no seaweed for other marine species. 


There are currently around 950 species of Sea Urchins. They have movable spines. That means they use them also to move in the sea and reach algae and other slow living creatures they eat. They are typically between 3 to 10 centimetres long, but the biggest ones can be up to 36 centimetres.


Sea Urchin


If you enjoy sea creatures, here we have the whole collection of them for you to revise.


5. La Morte D' Amour


Charles Martin is the author of this piece. He was a French illustrator, graphic artist, fashion designer, among others. Martin studied Fine Arts and contributed to French fashion journals in France like Modes er Manieres, Gazette du Bon Ton and even Vogue.


He was inspired by design and fashion mostly. Therefore, Martin had a series of illustrated books, where the so-called Les Modes is one of the finest pieces of art he made during his life. He was also tremendously inspired by erotic art, which you can see it in their latest works before his death in 1934.


La Morte D'Amour


6. Le Cadran Solaire


Charles Martin is not the only French illustrator we have for you in this post. George Barbier was contemporary to Martin. He was an Art Deco Illustrator and dedicated most of this life to fashion designs. Barbier was widely known also for his creation of costumes, jewellery and glasswork.


His work was published in several of the most prestigious magazines at the time. Barbier's designs are mostly from the '20s, the decade during the Great Depression, where he portrayed elites' images together with their lifestyle. Maybe his paintings remind you a bit by F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, and it is precisely because in the book -and later in the film- the characters dress exactly like in Barbier's artwork. If you want to check more from Martin and Barbier, click here.


Le Cadran Solaire


7. White Parrots


This complete new collection belongs to Maurice Pillard Verneuil, and its name is L'animal dans la décoration. This image portfolio shows the various animal, insect and plant forms that can be observed in nature. Among their favourite ones, we can see birds, butterflies, pigeons, and parrots. 


What is most attracting from this collection is how Pillard mixed these spirited creatures and geometric forms and patterns to provide several striking examples of animal and plant forms to use in interior design, textiles, and wallpapers.


His style was contemporary to the emergence of the Art Nouveau movement that was observable in bold outlines and forms of colour that look more solid than other artists. Pillard had his a style of his own, and this collection also shows curvilinear and expressive shapes that were the representation of the movement previously mentioned.


White Parrots


The new Pillard collection includes more than 25 designs freshly out of the oven, or our printers.


8. The Clipper Ship Diptych


A Clipper Ship is a three-masted full-rigged ship. What does this mean? It means that these ships were made for speed rather than capacity. Thanks to its shape and squared sails that go between the masts, the Clipper Ship was widely used during the mid and late 19th century, and many considered it a complete revolution in water transport. Most of the businessmen used these ships to transport cargo from China to the U.S. and Britain.


Clipper ships were fast and did not need the number of people required by other vessels in the same period. They were fast, really fast. During the 19th century, other cargo ships could move around 150 nautical miles a day, approximately 280 km. Clipper ships improved that speed in 100 marine days, meaning 250 or 465 km in a day. At the time, it was mindblowing, and the speed was almost the double of regular cargo ships. Clipper ships also needed 50-60 men to operate. Nearly a third of other water transports. Therefore, they became widely famous since they could go twice the speed and needed one-third of the men than other embarks. 


The Clipper Ship Diptych



If you want to look at our latest additions, check what is NEW here







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