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Love Is in the Air

Posted on February 11 2021

Love Is in the Air


This weekend is Saint Valentine, and the so-called expression "Love is just around the corner", or other similar ones are common around theses day. And considering the situation our planet is facing, we think it is a good idea for you to share your love for your loved one/s or -soon to be, hopefully- by taking a look at the designs we have for you. As usual, stay until the end to see a surprise we have for you.


Songs, books, movies, and more exist about love. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of it is: to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family. Here we have a collection of prints that probably will suit your taste.


Love in 4 Letters


Many people connect the Word to the story of Saint Valentine. According to the most known story, he was a Bishop or a priest. During those days in Rome, there was a reign which prohibited marriage, and it said that he was marrying couples, so the men didn't go to war. Eventually, and according to society rules at the time, he ended up being condemned to be beaten to death, on February 14th.


Flower Bouquet Set of 6 Prints


The Story of Cupid:


Another imagery that still exists until today is Cupid. He was the son of Venus, the God of Love. And his story says that he was shooting Golden arrows at Gods and ordinary mortal's hearts and making them fall in love immediately.


The story of him and Psyche, an ordinary mortal, was atypical. Cupid's mother, Venus, the Goddess of beauty, felt threatened because of that. She sent Cupid to embarrass Psyche and deal with her, but Cupid fell for her.


Cupid from Temple of Flora


Here Cupid told Psyche that she could never see him, but one night and utterly curious, she saw his face and realised that he was the God of love. Cupid ran away, and Venus gave Psyche a couple of tasks to see once again Cupid. She managed to do them all, but in the last one, she had to carry a box of beauty and tremendously curious, she opened it to get some of it. Unfortunately for her, the box was filled with sleep and not beauty, and she fell asleep. Eventually, Cupid found her and gave her Ambrosia, the Gods' néctar, and made her immortal.


The myth says that eventually, they had a child named Pleasure. After that, they became a family and Cupid, Psyche –whose name means Soul-, and Pleasure became a symbol of love.



Vintage Cupid Poster


Other Meanings:


Love is not only about loving others. It is also about loving ourselves. Does it sound cheesy? For some people, yes, but the truth is that when we love ourselves, we tend to be happier with our lives. We can enjoy more and get the best out of everything.


By doing this, we also improve our internal criticism. We are not as hard with ourselves if things do not work out, and we are more at peace since we know that we are doing our best. This way of seeing life applies to everything. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and more. Loving yourself is part of an internal process that helps us improve the way we perceive life as such, and therefore, it helps us keep our lives balanced.


Self Love First 


Some people also believe that love is not only this deep unexplainable feeling for other people. They think the core of loving someone does not only love at first sight as some romantics believe, or maybe love by seeing someone you think is appealing to you. This difficulty to explain a feeling is based on how our brains can play with our hearts and vice versa, and despite what some might say; love is not only emotional but also grows in time. Some people fall in love with others by their thinking, life purposes and goals, convictions, and life perspectives.


Vintage Anatomy Heart and Brain Set


Have you ever pointed to the moon and see how beautiful it is? The moon is historically another imaginary of love. Several songs have been written about it. One of the most famous ones is Bart Howard's "Fly Me to The Moon". Have you ever promised someone to bring down the moon for that person? Here we have a beautiful set that we are sure you will love.


Vintage Anatomy Illustrations Set


Some people believe that love is art. And art is a form of expression, and the expression is our bodies. Therefore, they think that our bodies are at the centre of attention. Not in terms of beauty standards according to what might be "trendy" nowadays, but in terms of loving ourselves, and accepting who we are. Therefore we bring this print made by Carl Newman, an artist known for painting women bodies. This Self Love Poster in A0 Canvas in your wall, think about it. Beautiful art print for your room decor. Here 


Self Love Nude by Carl Newman


For some people also, spring is the season of love. While depending on the country or city you live, a significant number of people love spring since it marks the end of winter and the beginning of blooming and the multicolours in the streets. It is also an invitation to leave your home, share a walk and amaze yourself with the colours of spring, its flowers and leaves. And as we know, flowers are a symbol of beauty, fertility, and naturally, love. Here we have a beautiful Shirô Poster for you of the Hot Springs of Shuzenji. Another attractive option for a splendid gift.


Hot Springs of Shuzenji


 Do comets, stars, meteors and the milky way make you think of that someone? Have you ever seen a comet and thought of that particular person? Looking at the stars has always been a fantastic way of spending the night with your loved one. And this set we believe to be entirely built for that occasion.




Vintage Astronomy Illustrations Set


France is a synonym of love, and who better than the French artist George Barbier to makes us feel in the love mood. Did you ever read or watch "The Great Gatsby"? He was one of the greatest illustrators, and the exuberant and luxurious style from the first twenty years of the 20th century is a representation of the kind of life people used to have at the time.
The next two images are a representation of his work. If you want to check more about it, you can find it here.


La Villa D' Este Vintage Poster


Romance Sans Paroles Vintage Poster


Do you feel melancholic? Do you miss that special person? This "Read my Lips" poster would be the perfect choice for your home or room decor. Especially in these times, considering that sending love to your distant -or close- lover is more challenging.


Read my Lips Poster


As you can see, we have seen a bit of love in time. From a dictionary definition, passing by history, myths, and rhetorical figures connected to one of the world's most used words. We invite you to tell us, where else you see love, which print form our catalogue inspires you, and which moment your life you think about when you see it.  


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