How to Create Stunning Wall Decor? Here are 3 Helpful Ideas

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Every place has its personality, its own vibe, a story to tell about the person living inside its walls. If you ever tried to find the perfect piece of art for your decor, you know the struggle of choosing one that fits the part. The moment our eyes land on the blank space above the living room couch or the little niche in the hallway, we can’t help ourselves. Like artists with an empty canvas, we wonder what it lacks. With endless possibilities, the process might turn into a hassle. Is that the case for you too? Consider these helpful steps to aid you in making the best decision for your decor.

#1 Determining Your Style

Would you hang a Mona Lisa on the tiled bathroom wall? 'Pft! Of course not,' - you'd probably say. But what if you're faced with a milder situation, say, a chic mandala print for an industrial penthouse decor? The answer isn’t as clear-cut, because it depends. Knowing your decor style would go a long way in sorting through matching artworks and finding the best way to present them in your home. Let us save you some time with that research. You might find many style lists cumbersome to navigate - while specific, they overflow with details and overwhelming descriptions. And for casual decorating purposes, being familiar with a few major styles is enough. So here's our list, stripped down to simple key concepts.

  • TRADITIONAL. It’s based on old European interiors, consisting of rich and warm tones, elements of elaborate woodwork and soft-angled furniture. It fits well with just as elegant artworks, for example, wood-framed prints and paintings.
Fine Art Vintage Print Reproduction "Paradisvögel"
  • MODERN AND MINIMALIST. The 19th-century modern decor is known for monochrome colors and uncluttered spaces. There are fewer but important accessories, which is why art pieces stand out in the muted environment and create the necessary contrast. Minimalist style draws on the same concepts, with a primary focus on functionality rather than aesthetics. The artwork style doesn’t matter as long as it fits into the rest of the decor, so you might want to use lightweight, unobtrusive frames or no frame at all.
Tricolore Balloon Fine Art Reproduction
Tricolore Balloon Fine Art Reproduction
  • INDUSTRIAL. If your home looks like an old factory, it’s safe to deem its decor an industrial one. Brick walls, concrete or rough wood floors and metallic details are essential to achieve the look. Popular wall decor in industrial spaces is abstract, contemporary art or photographs. Does it also have high ceilings? You could opt for large-scale art, gallery walls and artwork sets that enhance their grandiose effect.

Berlin Minimal Line Map Print

  • SHABBY-CHIC. Inspired by vintage designs and popular among DIY lovers, this style aims to present delicate and soft vibes with pastel colors, floral prints, painted wood furniture and natural fabrics. To match the antique look, canvas prints with thick, half-stripped paint frames would add greatly to the lovely vintage vibe.
"The Swimmer" Fine Art Vintage Print Reproduction
"The Swimmer" Vintage Print Reproduction 
  • THEMED. Tropical, coastal, Asian and so on - it's all about the theme. To give an example, tropical decor features predominant green hues and artworks that reference the environment while coastal style is inspired by marine color palettes and imagery. Asian decor, while minimalist, combines soothing, natural colors with traditional East-Asian accents.
"The Great Wave of Kanagawa" Fine Art Reproduction
"The Great Wave of Kanagawa" Fine Art Reproduction
  • CONTEMPORARY. A 'go with the flow' style, which depends on current trends and requires keeping up with mew decor ideas. One strategy is to have a bright, neutral space and accentuate it with easy to transform art and accessories. So here's that. Does it still seem like your home doesn’t fit into a particular style? You might want to go deeper and explore other sub-types and experiment until you find what feels right. Home decoration is a process, not a race. In the meantime, we can cover other helpful steps.

 "Flowers" by Abraham Mignon

Flowers by Abraham Mignon

#2 Finding that Sweet Spot

However limited our rooms seem, they somehow become infinite when faced with a picture frame. Where is the best place to hang it? A good spot is one where the art will deliver its impact without imposing on it. Unless you enjoy rearranging the decor, having the artwork in your face might leave you weary of it when the novelty fades out. Just to catch your eye every now and again in passing, consider placing it in your vision's periphery or behind sitting areas, such as the shelf, above sofas, beds and tables, or in the passageways.

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Something to keep in mind - size matters. Excessive gallery walls or large-scale pieces can make a small space feel cramped. Hanging the art a relative distance away from the ceilings and floors and leaving enough gaps between frames could counter the effect. Another way is to cluster the frames somewhere in the center of the wall so that it enhances the surrounding space.

gallery wall ideas

What if you love the idea of floor-to-ceiling gallery walls but don’t want it to visually cramp your room? Choosing a lone corner of for a separate installation might be the ideal solution. You could make it into a focal point and use strategic placement of furniture to balance it
out. Balance is your best friend here. Even a minimalist decor can feature an amazing gallery wall, if you want it to.

wall decor idea

Next thing - lighting. Considering both daylight and artificial light in your home for the space you’ve chosen will help you avoid your beloved art piece lurking in the shadows or dulling out its vibrancy in direct sunlight. Keeping away from windows and with strategic placement of indoor lamps or brighter light bulbs would solve the problem. For better visualization of the ideal spot, you can make a mock frame made from cardboard and place it against the wall until you find the right one.

Have you got it? Then it’s time to choose that killer piece.


#3 Telling a Story

Art is subjective - we  know that. The same artwork in different settings might evoke different thoughts, so when you choose a piece, it does tell a story about ‘you’ and that's what makes the trouble worthwhile. Sure, you can hang up a chic poster of the Eiffel Tower or abstract line art to match your minimalist aesthetics and call it a day - nothing’s wrong with that.

But it’s worth asking yourself what purpose the artwork will serve in your home? After all, the biggest masterpieces might become boring after a while, if they don’t resonate with you. Attaching a sentiment, a meaning to what we display is what makes our rooms, apartments and houses into homes, a place where we can be our true selves. The more it embodies ‘us’, the more balanced we feel between our inner and outer worlds. Whether you stick to the rules or go all over the place, you’re the only one who can put the killer part in your decor.

Vintage Fine Art Print

The Future belongs to the Curious


#BONUS! Going Vintage

Unique and sometimes downright bizarre, vintage prints win the prize as intriguing eye-catchers. But do they match with anything other than vintage decor? YES! You can match them with any interior decor style and it’s easy to do so with the right frames. The best part about it is that it has that zing that many other mass-produced pieces lack.

So why not add a little mystery and, dare we say, Kuriosis to your home (wink, wink)?


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