6 vintage posters for your home office decor

6 vintage posters for your home office decor

Summer is almost finishing with all its pleasant weather and good vibes, but how about seeing the new season's bright side? It's time to start new plans, new ideas and organize your life (and your home!) for the next year. Since the home office is getting more and more popular, we think redecorating it is the right way of kicking off the upcoming season.

There is something essential for those who work at home: a quiet, beautiful and cosy space, like this one in the photo above, decorated with the Pacific Ship Antique Poster. To achieve this result, it is vital to dedicate time to your decor and organization. Choose a comfortable chair, a spacious table and colours that make you feel concentrated and focused.

On the walls, you will need beautiful posters and prints. Here we have some suggestions for you:

Tricolore Balloon

A table close to big windows means you are going to have as much light as possible - very important during the winter! With its beautiful colours, the Tricolore Balloon is perfect to put right on the table.


The combination of colourful walls and wood is elegant and less obvious, and a beautiful poster like the Red Belt Black Toucan can add a lovely touch to the decor.


Cedres Tree Botanical Poster

If you are into vibrant colours, don't be afraid of painting your walls! We love the composition of fluorescent colours and vintage posters. The Cedres Tree Botanical Poster and a green wall make a surprising and beautiful contrast.


Blue Monday - Moonday Poster

Sober colours are good for concentration. They provide a proper office feeling. In order to break up monotony, you can add a poster like the Blue Moonday.


Aquarium Fish

Minimalism is a beautiful and peaceful trend in home decor. Go for the essentials: good chair and desk, small but remarkable decor pieces, an imperfect wall and a poster to be the highlight of the decor. We suggest the Aquarium Fish.

Do you still need some inspiration? Don't miss our wonderful collections. We have botanical prints, Japanese art, anatomy posters and much more! 


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