✰✰✰✰✰ 5 Star Reviews

✰✰✰✰✰ 5 Star Reviews

Over the years, our clients send us pictures of their wall art featuring KURIOSIS designs in their home decor. Some people use them for kitchen decor, bedroom decor, or living room decor.

We also love boho style and other touches.


KURIOSIS client using our vintage posters in their home decor, kitchen decor, bedroom decor


The Mystic Eye Poster

Katia was very clever and stacked both prints on top of each other. This is a clever way to make use of tight spaces or the side of your wall. It is also important to contrast colours to highlight each individual artwork. Good job, Katia!


Vintage Palmistry print used in a lovely living room decor setting


Palmistry Mystic Hand Vintage Poster 

Lindsay included the Palmistry Print in her art collection. We love how it contrasts with the eye photo print and the landscape painting below. Another winner!


A classic framed Lobster Print 

Crustacean Lobster Vintage Print

Many of our animal prints or botanical prints are perfect for frames. Especially with a nice passepartout, it looks elegant and classy. 




Papillons Vintage Butterfly Chart from Larousse

Anne used inexpensive magnetic poster hangers from Amazon to contrast with the strong colours in this butterfly print. We think it came out great!


A foot doctor used this vintage anatomy print to spruce up her doctor´s office!


Skeleton scratching foot vintage anatomy print

This client was actually a foot doctor who loved the sense of humour in this antique medical illustration. She fell in love with the print and now her patients can enjoy it while in the waiting room.


Emily purchased several vintage prints from us to use in her kitchen decor. She also loves cats!

Lovely kitchen decor with a beautiful cat fan


#1 Vintage French Moon Print

#2 Vintage Fruit Chart Botanical Print 

Emily bought many prints from us over the years. She is also a "cat person" and loves to feature her cat in the prints. Instead of hanging the frames, she just put them above the cabinets. It works!


Ernst Haeckel classic science chart with hummingbirds


Ernst Haeckel Vintage Poster "Birds of Paradise"

Cheri from the Florida Keys found the perfect print to match her tropical location in the Florida Keys. Many of the motifs from Ernst Haeckel are perfect for a jungle look or a tropical location.


Another botanical illustration from the great Ernst Haeckel


Ernst Haeckel Vintage Print Orchidaceae

Brit ordered this Ernst Haeckel scientific illustration on 225g Fine Art Paper. It works really well with the black frame and the vibrant colours contrast the dark black wood frame. It really makes us happy to know she loved her order!


Vintage Palmistry Print at KURIOSIS.COM


Palmistry Mystic Hand Vintage Print

2019 was the year of the hand! We sold so many of these prints and were fascinated how people loved it. Many times at our market stands in Berlin we would watch 2-3 people reading their hand. It is such an iconic image and makes an impact in your wall art collection!


 Phrenology Vintage Wall Chart "A Picture of Good Health"

"A Picture of Good Health" Phrenology Educational Science Chart

Krystena bought this lovely canvas print on our Etsy page. When we restored this from the original image, we saturated the colors and gave it a nice cyan background to compliment it. This can make a lovely gift for a medical student or a dorm room. What do you guys think? The wooden poster hanger is also a lovely touch for this home decor! 


The Future Belongs to the Curious in a home decor setting


The Future Belongs to the Curious, a portrait of Nicola Tesla to inspire

Lucy added our unique design of Nicola Tesla to her living room decor / office decor. We love the phrenology pillow on the vintage leather couch. The large world map on the wall makes for a cozy and inviting space to work in. Approved!


The Future Belongs to the Curious

The Future Belongs to the Curious in another setting

Isabel sent us this sweet picture of her infront of our artwork on the couch. We love how she has a casual pose and took the time to organize her living room with various sizes prints. Many times you can mix and match prints to find that perfect look for your room!


American Flamingo by James Audubon from Birds of America


American Pink Flamingo Bird Print

You can read more about this incredible illustrator John James Audubon on our blog.  His book is considered to be a masterpiece and his artwork now fills so many homes around the world. Alxete really made a soft touch with adding many plants to her living room. We appreciate the thoughtful photo!


Constellation Science Chart


Le Ciel Constellation Map Science Illustration Vintage Print

Our close friend Elisa loves her cats as much as we do. She decided to hang this print in her bedroom and to finally fill her empty walls. We were happy to help her out. I think the cats were curious to know what was going on!








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