14 ideas to decorate your kid's room with vintage posters

14 ideas to decorate your kid's room with vintage posters


When the family is growing, we need to invest some time to creating a cozy and beautiful space for the baby. The nursery should be an inviting, calm, and fun room, bringing the best atmosphere to welcome the newborn. 

However some years later, we will have to make some changes, since the baby is growing up and starting to have his preferences: animals, sea life, balloons, bikes… It's magical discovering our little ones' predilections, isn't it? Unfortunately, it can also be expensive, since toys, furniture, and decorations sometimes cost a lot. 

But we have good news for you: redecorating doesn't need to be expensive. It's possible to change an entire room's atmosphere by only putting some art on the walls and modifying some colours.

Check out our list of 14 ideas to decorate your kid's room with vintage posters. With a little money, you can create a place full of joy, calmness and beauty! Are you prepared to get some inspiration?


Set animals

1. The thin lines of the Vintage Animal Cute Poster Set make it perfect for a nursery. Although the chicken, the dodo and the chimpanzee are not the classical choice for a baby's room, here they create a ludic and at the same time elegant atmosphere. 


    Giraffe Old Illustration Poster

    2. The giraffe is one of the most lovely animals in the world. Kids always get absolutely in love with them! The Giraffe Old Illustration Poster makes a perfect match with the blue wall and the fake clouds.


      composition from the original German Lithograph in Meyers Lexikon from the early 20th century
      3. How about bringing some sea life colours to your kid's room? The 
      Sea Life Poster Set is a composition from the original German Lithograph in Meyers Lexikon, from the early 20th century. It is ideal for neutral walls, where it turns into the most interesting decor pieces of the room.


      Shell Collection II

      4. We know one of the favorite children's pastimes on the beach is collecting shells. Why not bring some of them to your kid's wall? The Shell Collection poster matches perfectly with neutral colours such as white, nude, and grey.


        Set Peacock Penguin

        5. If your boy or girl loves birds, you can pick two or three posters to create a set. In the Peacock and Penguin Animal Poster Set, the splendor of the peacock meets the sympathy of the penguin. The sepia colours make it perfect for a classical but still playful decoration.


        Aninal and Nature Poster

        6. Lions, elephants, tigers… What child never dreamed about seeing these big animals? If you live far away from Africa, you can at least have the beautiful Animals and Nature Poster on your kid's wall and encourage their imagination.

        Cat Purrr - Perfect for Kids room! 
        7. Meow! The cute Cat Purrr Poster can be hung on walls of any colour. White, blue, nude, grey, pink… doesn't matter, it adds a touch of delicacy to any kind of decoration.

            Reptiles Chart Larousse

            8. As children grow up, usually they develop a desire to explore the world and its mysteries. Reptiles, even if they are not the cutest animals, can be an interesting touch in a little explorer's room. The Reptiles Chart Poster was originally published in Larousse Encyclopedia.

              Let's Dance Poster

              9. These two clowns are absolutely enchanting. With thin lines and candid colours, the Let's Dance Poster fits very well in nurseries. The ideal is not adding many colours to nurseries, because babies have sensitive eyes. Our suggestion then is using neutral tones in the decoration, bringing discreet touches of colour, like this poster.

                10. The Antique Lego Poster is simple and assertive: perfect for minimalist decors, where what matters most are the details. It also includes all the different ways legos can be used, and how to assemble correctly the pieces.

                  GRL PWR Poster

                  11. The GRL PWR Poster with vibrant colours is a perfect addition to the bedrooms of the new generation of girls, who knows that they deserve more space in the world than their grandmothers got to have.


                    Balloon Tricolore Pink Poster

                    12. The beautiful Balloon Tricolore Pink Poster matches very well with classic decors and pastel tones, where you can create a bright but still ludic space. Ideal to create a whimsical and soft atmosphere.


                      Trains Poster

                      13. With its vivid colours, the Train Poster is captivating and, therefore, can be the most fascinating piece of the decor. Hang it up on the wall and change the entire vibe of the space.

                         Bike Velocipede Poster

                        14. Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most important rites of passage of childhood. The Bike Velocipede Poster shows different types of bicycles of old times. A sober but still funny poster to put on the walls of your kid's room.

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