Wanderlust: 10 vintage travel posters for your home decor

Wanderlust: 10 vintage travel posters for your home decor


Travelling is always a good theme to hang on the walls, especially for avid travellers. World maps, vintage posters of places we've visited or want to visit and prints of unforgettable trips are motifs that never become old-fashioned.

They add charming touches to different kinds of decoration, from the boho to the luxury style. You only have to choose the right frame - good news: in some cases, the best option is no frame -, the right position on the wall and, voilá, you have a piece that reminds you of an unforgettable trip. Or about your next destination (we hope you can accomplish it very soon!).

Since travelling became a popular activity, in the middle of the last century, we had never experienced times like these we are living right now. We are not allowed to just catch a plane or a train or a car - or even a bike! - and go. We must analyse if our destiny is safe, if we are allowed to enter that country, if we have to be in quarantine after the trip. It's a lot, especially when we just want to relax in a different place and escape for a few days from our busy life.

But don't be intimidated about this new normal. You deserve a bit of that wanderlust feeling in your life, and you can start by putting it on your walls with vintage travel posters. Do you want to know how? Let's get inspired!

Map posters: some classics are timeless

A vintage world map fits well in classical or modern decorations. You just need to choose the
best wall to give it the right place to shine and have all the attention it deserves.

Mercator Map

 1. Mercator Map Poster


World of Wonders Map

2. World of Wonders Map Poster


Germany Land of Fairy Tales

3. German Fairytale Land Map Poster 

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Transportation: it's about the journey, not the destination

Sometimes the journey is much more important and
life-changing than the destination. That's why we love our transportation collection. Bikes, trains, airplanes and even balloons give us the chance to discover the world, so of course we love them.

 Transportation vintage posters are charming additions to living rooms, offices and we especially love them at kids' rooms.

Tricolor Balloon

4. Tricolore Balloon 


Bike Patent Poster
5. Bike Patent Poster

Antique Locomotive I Poster

6. Antique Locomotive Poster 



7. Aviation Larousse Poster 

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Unforgettable trips: what's yours?

If a place
has changed your life, why not hang it on your walls?

 Just to give an example, The Grand Canyon National Park, in the United States, is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It's so fascinating and definitely deserves to be a highlight of any living room.

Grand Canyon

8. The Grand Canyon National Park Poster


Space travel: it doesn't hurt to dream

If you are
ambitious and dream of space travel, why not put this reminder on your walls?

Since very old times, men have been wondering how life is out of the Earth. Moon and Mars have always been objects of desire. But now it really looks like we are not so far away from it, don't you agree?

You can choose among a vintage or a retrofuturistic poster. Which one of them matches better with your home decor?

Voyage a la Lune Vintage Poster

9. Voyage a la Lune Vintage Poster


Space Mars Poster

10. Space Mars Poster

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