The COVID-19 pandemic around the world has challenged us as people,
businesses, and our human civilization to make radical changes. After all the hard work, sweat, tears, laughs, and smiles we can´t believe we survived the year in a better position than how we began.
Our company started in our guest bedroom (20m2) and grew into a commercial space (90m2) here in Berlin, Germany. We thought we were going to go bankrupt and need to depend on help from the german government, but because of YOU, our dear customers, we were able to ship around the world and find new customers around the world.
We used to just sell our prints & posters at art markets in Berlin but this year we sold on the platforms #shopify and #etsy that allowed us to become an international business and compete with the much larger and more established poster companies.
Many thanks to our team of employees and founder, Maryna, who worked many weekends and many days until 10pm to be able to complete every order for every client. We also resent many packages, fixed mistakes, and made sure every single order had special attention. Once you relieve the customer is always right, then you can do no wrong!
Top Ten Facts about Us: 
  • Over 8000 orders processed in 2020
  • Every order made by hand by us in Berlin
  • All orders are made with materials Made in Germany & Made in Japan
  • We sent  & responded to over 20,000 emails from every client
  • We shipped to over 50 countries
  • We worked with over 10 people, 3 marketing agencies, 3 content creators
  • Our staff of 6 comes from over 4 countries, ages 26-41
  • Our art collection consists of over 1500 images.
  • We spent over 5000+ hours scanning, creating, retouching, and editing these images
  • We began the year with 3600 Instagram followers and now have over 38600 followers.

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  • Chiara: January 21, 2021

    Reading this is pure happiness to me. In such a difficult year, a wonderful company like yours couldn’t fail. You are creative, professional, reliable and full of enthusiasm. I ordered your prints for a client last year and will keep suggesting to others as your choice of images is amazing and makes the difference in interior decorating.
    I wish you all the best for 2021, a presto!

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